Executives of high tech firms face extraordinary challenges. Managing the constant changes in their progress is about as relaxing as kayaking between the rocks of a runoff-swollen river. On the plus side, few organizations offer as much exitement and accomplishment. Unlike, say, the auto manufacturers or the insurance industry, information technology, software development, semiconductor or biotech firms don't spin off variations on century-old products. They're constantly inventing something brand new. They travel from conception to unveiling at the speed of light, and often grow in a matter of months from a handful to scores of employees. But while fast-mooving and agile, these firms are also perilously fragile.

The founders of high tech companies often do not have the necessary management skills to plan an orderly corporate development, ensure continued, reliable financing and competently manage a growing number of emplyees, sales partners and customers. At this crucial bend in the river, how management responds will have a huge impact on the future of the company.

One scenario ist to take on a managing partner, frequently an investor who not only provides a needed influx of cash but also brings proven management skills. The down-side for the founder(s) is that they must give up some of their ownership and much of their power. But in many cases, the up-side is more efficient management, which frees them to do what they do best.

Another solution is to bring a coaching management consultant on board. This person's job is to develop the requisite skills in those members of the executive team who have an aptitude for managing.

AMCON offers both possibilities: coaching management consulting services and full-time/part-time management with/without capital investment. We help clients gain competitive advantage and market leadership. We invest our experience, resources, time, imagination and entrepreneurial energy to create lasting values.

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