AMCON has many years of entrepreneurial experience in starting up and managing high tech companies in the areas of IT/Internet/cloud/mobile security, biometrics, organic semiconductor technology, analytics and point-of-care diagnostics. Therefore, we really know and understand all aspects and challenges of managing a fast growing high tech company.

We help our clients to define compelling strategies for high-growth businesses and create flexible organizational structures, robust processes, worldwide sales channels and sucessfull market communication strategies. A specific area of our expertise is crisis management and investor communication. This becomes more and more crucial, since high tech entrepreneurs and technology companies are battling a sour venture capital market and an information technology spending slump.

We are specialists for the development and the evaluation of business plans and the valuation of high tech companies. Due to many years of worldwide expertise in raising capital and government subsidies for high tech companies, we help our clients to adequately finance their companies and sucessfully develop their business.

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