AMCON has tremendous experience in creating and sucessfully managing high-growth companies. Our business incubating and growth strategy services focus especially on IT/Internet/cloud/mobile security, biometrics, organic semiconductor and biotech companies with

istrong competitive advantages and technology USP's,
iextraordinary worldwide growth potential, and the
istrong will of the management to grow and to achieve market leadership.

We offer our clients a true entrepreneurial partnership: We help to startup or expand, finance and manage your business activities. In Europe and anywhere else. We have the expertise to develop your global business and market leadership strategy with:

ia compelling and unmatched value proposition,
ia superiour and well-tuned operating model,
ia market specific positioning and market targeting,
ia global market communication strategy,
ia worldwide sales channel and support strategy.

Our entrepreneurial experience and management skills and our worldwide network of contacts and relationships with technology and sales partners, industry experts, market analysts and consultants, government agencies and trade journalists, "influencers" and decision-makers in industry, government and the media, will be an invaluable asset for the development of your business.

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